May 29, 2024  
Dallas College Catalog 2024-2025 
Dallas College Catalog 2024-2025

Students Concurrently Enrolled in High School and the College

Concurrently enrolled students are defined as students currently enrolled in high school taking college courses that are not dual credit. These courses do not count for high school credit. Students are responsible for the cost of tuition for all concurrently enrolled courses. If you are still enrolled in high school and interested in concurrent enrollment opportunities, you may be admitted under the following conditions:

  • You must present scores on one of the following state approved tests: TSIA, ACT, SAT, or STAAR, with results indicating your ability to complete college-level work. TSIA is available at the campus.
    • Student college-readiness will be determined based upon TSIA, ACT, and/or SAT scores. Concurrent students must meet the eligibility requirements needed by all Dallas College students. Dual credit eligibility standards do not apply to concurrent enrollment.
    • Provide an official and/or notarized record of the school subjects completed (consistent with the Texas Education Agency minimum requirements);
    • Complete the enrollment agreement noting you understand and accept that academic freedom and the collegiate environment is supported in all courses within the college;
  • Students will also have access to Dallas College support resources, which may aid in their college readiness and student success. Generally, you may take no more than two courses each semester.
  • High school students are generally not admitted into developmental courses. High school students are also not eligible for enrollment in corequisite developmental courses.

Important Notice

Students should take care when selecting additional courses to be transferred toward a Baccalaureate degree. Excessive Hours (House Bill 1172)  allows an institution to charge the equivalent of out of state tuition for credit hours taken beyond the state limits.

State limits are:

  1. For students entering public Texas institutions Fall 1999 - Summer 2006 who attempt 45 hours beyond what is required for Baccalaureate degree (120 hours).
  2. For students entering Fall 2006 and thereafter who attempt 30 hours beyond the hours required for a Baccalaureate degree.

It is recommended that students take minimal hours beyond degree requirements to avoid possible higher tuition charges at the institution to which they are transferring.