Jul 17, 2024  
Dallas College Catalog 2024-2025 
Dallas College Catalog 2024-2025
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SPAN 2313 - Spanish for Native/Heritage Speakers I (3 Credit Hours)

Campus Location: CVC, EFC, MVC

This is the third semester of academic transfer of Spanish. This course focuses on and emphasizes the development of: 1) the student’s ability to communicate ideas and feelings, both orally and in writing; 2) comprehension skills through the study of reading selections; 3) the study of Spanish speaking countries and their culture(s); and 4) identification of regional variations of Spanish. Such study will lead to the analysis of content, style and sentence structure from contemporary Spanish reading selections.

Prerequisites: Required : SPAN 1412  or the equivalent. In addition, the student is expected either to speak Spanish as a home language or to function at a similar level of proficiency in Spanish or to have teacher recommendation.
Background Search Required: No

Course Hour Configuration
(3 Lec.)


Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 1609055213
This is a Texas Common Course Number.

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